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To put it simply, Wilderness Art is expressed through nature around us. Sculpture artist Stephen D'Innocenzo reveals the wood's final form, just as an artist works his medium until the result becomes one with their vision.

Wilderness Art works much like that, however the vision is not necessarily that of the artist, but of the beholder. Forms and shapes that would ordinarily be overlooked by the casual observer, as if lying in its original natural state, suddenly becomes an object of great impact and beauty when revealed by the skill of the sculpture artist Stephen D'Innocenzo.

It should be noted that many forms represent not just nature around us. Most obvious are the tree forms which are very popular with viewers, but should you take the time to look very closely you may also see a duck in flight, a prancing bear, crocodile or any of nature’s many creatures.

Many pieces tend to evoke strong emotion in the viewer. Folks are in awe by the resemblance to human facial expressions. This kind of spookiness has no doubt played upon man’s imagination since the beginning of his walk on this earth, hence the long multi-generational tales of spirits who inhabit the deep wilderness.

Finally, all the pieces that you see are available for sale, however each is a unique original. I urge those of you whom express a desire to acquire such excellent sculptures for you enjoyment, please contact the Wilderness Art Studio, at

I guarantee these sculptures will draw your friends into some interesting conversation.

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